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What do you require to perform?
We require 2 upright chairs without arms and electricity for keyboard.

Does Party of Three use amplification? Party of Three will amplify the violins and or vocalists in addition to the keyboard  on all outside wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours.

What if someone from Party of Three can’t make it?
If one of our members is unable to perform at your affair, we have replacement substitutes who are always available. We choose our substitutes with care, and rehearse with them until they are ready to perform with Party of Three.

Can Party of Three accompany one of our guests to sing a song ?

Yes we do this often,we will take care of all the details as far as getting the proper key range to the song you would like your guest to sing. All I would need is the contact information to your guest and we will handle organizing that with the guest singer. Most guest`s are comfortable with meeting us on your wedding day about 15 minutes  before your guests start arriving the  and running thru the song a couple of times, we would do that complimentary. If you really would like to have a rehearsal ahead of time, that can be scheduled with the piano player at a convenient time for both your guest and piano player, there would be a $75.00 rehearsal fee for that even if it takes 15 minutes or 45 minutes, this is requested and needed very rarely.

What if there is no piano?
If there is no piano at your site, we will bring our keyboard. Please check with your site for availability of a piano and/or power supply.

What if our ceremony is outside?
We play for many ceremonies and cocktail hours that are held outside. However, please have alternate plans made in case of inclimate weather. Rain or drizzle can ruin our expensive equipment, and our fingers can freeze in the cold. We have also seen many well-dressed guests pass out in the August heat. Please try to have a canopy available. You will need to supply us with  electricity or a generator for the keyboard.

How much music will you play for our ceremony?
We start with prelude music about 20-30 minutes before your ceremony is scheduled to begin. We will play all the music you request during your service, and about 10 minutes of recessional music when your ceremony is over.

How do I choose the music for the prelude and or cocktail hour? Do I have to select the whole program?
It is not necessary for you to choose all the prelude music, unless of course you want to. Some people have very definite ideas about programming, others leave it completely to us.Through long experience we have found that choosing from a wide variety of material usually works best. I will help you with suggestions on music selections for your processionals, recessionals when you are ready to pick your music selections out.

How do we time our entrances to finish with the music?
We have become very skilled in ending the music at just the right time. The only thing we need to know is how many people are processing to each piece of music.

Do you play for Catholic Mass Weddings?
Yes, we play for Catholic Masses. We know all of the Parts of the Mass and the exact order of the Mass, and we will sing hymns for the Offertory, Communion, Sign of Peace, presentation of flowers to the Blessed Mother etc. Please let your priest know if he asks, we use the “Mass of Creation” for all the parts of the Mass, which is common to all Catholic Churches at this time.When you are ready to pick your music selections out I will help you in picking with suggestions for the Responsorial Psalm, offertory, communion etc.

Can you learn and perform  a song that is not in your repertoire?

We have a very large repertoire of music and most brides are fine with choosing from this list, but yes if you would like a song played or sung that is not in our repertoire there would be a $10.00 song fee per song.We have to limit that to 2 requested songs per wedding.We just ask that you inform us of the title of the song and the artists`s name as soon as possible so we can locate the sheet music and have ample time to rehearse it. If there is a song you request and you do not see it in our repertoire it is possible we know it and have it in our music library, if so there would be no additional charge, we do not list our entire repertoire on line.

Let’s talk about cocktail hour…
Our cocktail hours are one continuous hour of non-stop beautiful music. We will have our equipment set up prior to your guests arrival, and we begin playing as soon as they enter. We have a very large repertoire of older and newer popular songs that both your older and younger guests will enjoy like songs from  Sinatra, The Beatles, Buble, Mraz, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran to name a few.

Are there discounts for more than one event?
Yes, if you book both your ceremony and the cocktail hour we will discount the price.